What is the MFT PRN?

The Marriage and Family Therapy Practice Research Network (MFT-PRN) is a collaborative network of clinicians, clinic administrators, and clinical researchers who are all interested in improving client outcomes. At the heart of the MFT-PRN is the MFT-PRN portal, an online tool used to facilitate ongoing assessment of clients at participating clinics. Clinicians receive instant feedback about how their clients are progressing throughout therapy. Feedback informed treatment has been shown across numerous studies to improve client outcomes. Clinic administrators can use the data from their site to improve practice within their clinic and to document the effectiveness of the services they provide to their stakeholders. Clinical researchers can use data gathered at sites throughout the MFT-PRN network to better understand how couples and families change in therapy and share the results of their research with clinicians across the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a professional community based on practice-informed research and research-informed practice, to increase the diversity of participants in Marriage and Family Therapy research, and to bring researchers and clinicians together around a common goal of improving client outcomes.

The Creators

Lee N. Johnson, PH.D., LMFT
Angela B.Bradford, PH.D., LMFT
Shayne Anderson, PH.D., LMFT
Rick B Miller, PH.D., LMFT

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